Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Posting Light

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Matt and I have been busy with getting so many different things organized - lecture in Savannah, finding a new studio space, making daycare arrangements for the youngest, getting organized for a spring show, finishing up the details from Kickstarter, finding a printer for the rewards. Phew! We have lots to tell you and I promise to post something interesting, witty, and shocking soon! Stay tuned Internet!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Kickstart my heart

So internet - I have not been neglecting you but various new things in my life have taken precedent over updating this blog such as planning for Phase II, submitting two grants for Phase II, fund raising on Kickstarter.com for Phase II, applying for a NYFA fellowship for Matt, planning a school fund raiser, planning for a trip to France in the Spring (Matt got invited to do a residency in Vence for the month of April), working full time, trying to find studio space that is "affordable", sleeping, and loving on two kids. The last mentioned being the most important because for every little thing we do - the driving force is those two little faces.
"Matt Held: facebook portraits" at Denise Bibro Fine Art, comes down this Saturday at 6:00PM. If you haven't had a chance to check it out, you should do so, like now. You could ask us if the show was successful. I would say yes, and no. We've received some wonderful feedback, but the economy still sucks and nothing has sold. That's part of the reason for launching the Kickstarter project, but also because the budget for this piece of the project is much larger. It will require a larger space for Matt to work in and more volunteers from the group.
Kickstarter is a web platform for creative types looking to fund projects - kind of like a micro-patronage networking site. Artists are quite limited to either sales of work, grants or both and let's face it - when sales are down, more people are competing for the same grants. Kickstarter gives us a chance to connect directly to people who can spare $10, but not a $1,000 in support of an artist working on a project they believe in. Sounds good right?
So yeah, Phase II needs space, much more space, but if you pledge your support, you also get some cool stuff in return, like an exclusive print, or a drawing from the portrait project. Check it out - pledge period ends October 14th.