Sunday, November 8, 2009


I am sitting in the rocking chair that I have so poorly taken care of over the years since Otto was born and staring out the window. Why is this significant you ask? Well, it's important because the chair is in the exact position as Matt's easel was just a week ago. This room was his studio, but now, it's my reading room. I LOVE my reading room. You will not find me out of this room for weeks, maybe months even. In the years since Matt and I have been together, he has controlled any extra space with his paintings, painting tools, easels, paints, you name it. I know you feel bad for me right? You should. It's hard to be a dedicated wife, supporting every act of creative reach your husband desires.
Oh, you want to know about the new studio space? It's pretty awesome! And it's not in the house. It's conveniently located over the hill and on the other side of Greenwood Cemetery in Sunset Park. We got an amazing deal on rent and the size is just perfect. Phase II has started and if you haven't been following along it works pretty simply. Matt posts an idea for a painting on a status update, you email him at if you'd like to participate and either he "casts" you for the project, or doesn't. If he does, you do as he asks with your camera and creativity and submit a photo by the deadline. Then he gets to put the pieces of the random people posing together and make it a masterpiece. Sounds simple right? Cool.
Well, while all you folks are chomping at the bit to be a part of it, I will be staring out my reading room window at the squirrels climbing up the tree across the street!