Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Back from a brief respite

When I was a kid, my mother told me if I didn't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. I am not very good at adhering to that virtue, but when I do, I feel much better about myself. It's not the exact reason I haven't posted anything for a while (although it is part) sadly, I just forget.
I wish I had a better reason for neglecting this site because to be honest, this blog was started to chart as much of the portrait painted project as we could. However, not everything we've experienced along the way should be shared, because some of it has been painful and a small part has just been downright ugly.
But 18 months in, let's reflect on some of the good things, because perspective is always important to keep in the center. So here are a few things that have added to the success of this project or speaks to the success of this project somehow, in no particular order:
1. Speaking to 1st Fans at the Brooklyn Art Museum
2. Group show and panelist at Yale U
3. Many new great friends and growing relationships with artists and art lovers alike
4. Speaking to grad students at SCAD
5. Solo show at Denise Bibro, NY
6. Solo show at Edelman, NY
7. Solo show and residency with Galerie Myra in France
8. Upcoming show at Art Director's Club
9. Lots of press
10. Brooklyn Arts Council/ DCA Grant
11. Successful fund raising for studio space via Kickstarter
12. GREAT Studio in Sunset Park thanks to 11. and 12.
13. Radar/Workbook Projects mini-documentary on project
I am sure I am forgetting a few things...but that's a pretty decent list I think.

I will tell you that going from near obscurity to a relatively modicum level of recognition is really quite bizarre--granted it's not me, it's Matt going through the process, but as his spouse and constant sounding board... Let me just say for the people who are better known for much more important things, I don't know how you do it. The amount of work that goes into managing an image and all the different types of relationships that need catering to, it's incredibly challenging. I've always thought I was good at being discernible and level headed about most things, to be flexible where needed and firm where needed. Not perfect, but at least aware that different people require different approaches, but to say those characteristics have been utilized and tested over the past 18 months is an understatement by 10 degrees.
Over the next six months, we will be wrapping up many aspects of this project and moving on to other things. I imagine this blog will also be put to rest, but who knows things change quickly around here...