Monday, January 19, 2009


Last week was a bit challenging. I was able to finish two paintings but found myself a bit limited in being able to get into the studio. As a full-time artist and full-time dad, sometimes I have to be a bit flexible on either end. There just aren't enough hours in the day to do both with 110% gusto. When I am not in the studio or playing with a rattle, I am going through member profiles to see if anything new jumps out at me.
The group is now nearing 300 members, which is awesome! Having such a wealth of source material, for any artist, I think is more than what you could ask for. And the fact that the source - the internet - is constantly changing creates an interesting "living" aspect to it.
Someone asked me the other day why I would choose one person over another, given that I don't know most of these people, and I had to stop and think about. I guess, simply put, there are aspects of these people that I may or may not connect with. It would be difficult for me to paint someone - knowing just a few things about them from their info page and other things I can glean from their profile - who is completely opposite of me, voluntarily.

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