Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Good Press

Yesterday was a really great day for this project! Sharon Butler had posted a nice piece on Two Coats of Paint about a week ago and yesterday, Tyler Green gave it first mention on his blog, Modern Art Notes, and New Curator (Mr/Mrs? anonymous) plugged the project in a post on New Curator! We saw a huge bump in member numbers and then Paddy Johnson did a nice little feature on Art Fag City this morning with Shawn Zieger's painting front and center. I couldn't be more pleased with the attention this project is getting and as such have another announcement:
I'll be speaking at the Brooklyn Art Museum on Saturday, March 7th, as part of 1stFans. It's a fun new membership program, check it out and join. $20 a year for a membership that gives exclusive artist content to it's members via twitter, Target 1st Saturdays, facebook and Flickr is a screaming deal I think. I am just a huge fan of supporting the arts in any way possible.
The group is nearing 500 members and I think I need an intern. Any takers?


  1. Congrats!
    I went to school with your wife and after reconnecting with her I found your blog and I am SO impressed with your artwork! A M A Z I N G

  2. I love the idea of this project and your portraits are really wonderful. If I was on your continent I would totally intern for you!!! Congrats on all the kudos - grace

  3. hi there - I was looking for a way to share with FaceBook... or am I just missing it somewhere? You really do terrific stuff. thanks, Susie Sharp Cleveland OH

  4. Susie - email me directly at I am not sure what you mean by share with facebook.
    Thanks, Matt

  5. You're also mentioned in this week's Approval Matrix at

    Are you serious about needing an intern?