Friday, February 13, 2009


Just less than three months ago, my wife and I were going through profile pictures of our friends asking them if they would let me paint certain photos. My wife had the idea of putting up the facebook group so our friends could join, and then hopefully to expand the group via friends of friends, a larger base of images to paint. I never thought it would catch on in such a way, and for this project to have received the attention it has, is a dream come true.
What's been really interesting is watching, with each new piece of press, the different kinds of people join in. Hipsters, socialite's, arty-types, moms, artists, techy's, etc. It's certainly fun to go through the profiles and experience a bit of each of their lives to a certain extent. It's been nice chatting with those that are brave enough to start up a chat with me, and while I can't spend to much with them, I certainly appreciate the kind words.

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