Thursday, March 19, 2009

a few things

A couple things have caught my eye in the past few days. Most important is the post on Carnegie Mellon's Technology in the Arts blog on Social Media being an alternative exhibition space. Mr. Vannatter notes the change that is brewing in crowd sourcing being an acceptable area from which artists work from. I couldn't agree more!
The New York Times review on Shepard Fairey's retrospective at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston reports that he will follow this up with a spring campaign at Saks in NY - yes you will be able to get your very own limited edition handbag! While I love handbags, really - obsessed - it makes me wonder if this is artistic exploration or exploitation. I think it's the latter and I have many thoughts on this, but feel free to share yours with me.
Hrag Vartanian and An Xiao hosted a "twitterview" on none other than Twitter last night. Very interesting to watch unfold! Other than having to refresh my screen every minute or so to see the replies, it was pretty enjoyable. But, it makes me wonder: how much information can be conveyed over a series of 140 character posts?
That's all for now as the baby is tugging at my feet and crying for ... something!

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