Sunday, March 1, 2009

March 1st

Dear blog readers,
My apologies for not posting anything recently. I have been trying to figure out how to type numbers in all caps and have failed. The group is now over 2,600 members and instead of drinking myself into a stupor, I have been busy in the studio. I finished a few portraits this weekend and the last of the three needs to dry before I shoot it. I tried taking a photo today and there were hot spots all over the place.
Have I told you all that I am not a professional photographer? Not that it matters because Joelle is the fancy pants photo gal and renders them ready for the web. She does a smashing job don't you think? Although, we purchased one of those mini laptops today because paint was mysteriously appearing on the Mac keys and after she fired me, I suggested a mini would probably work better for the studio since both the studio and the new computer are equally puny. She kind of freaked when she saw what some of the images of the paintings looked like on the new computer. "A little too vibrant, I think" was what she said, but in all regards, they are just photos and until I can get them shot professionally, that is how they will remain. That said, the 40 or so who have RSVP'd to the Brooklyn Art Museum for the talk with 1stFans on Saturday, March 7th, will get to see 5 or 6 of them. I am fairly certain which ones I will bring, but this last one I am working on may throw a monkey in that wrench. We shall see. I am looking forward to seeing you all and hope you have some great questions. I will try not to throw up on your shoes.
I wanted to say hello to all the new members. Thank you. I really do try to make an effort to respond to your notes, but sometimes, I just can't. I do, however, read them all and appreciate all the kind words about the work and this project.

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  1. Hi!
    I'm really impressed of your work and think that is a really intresting idea. Though, I wonder if you only do paintings in colour? (I guess so by looking at the ones published and from the fact that you paint in oil..)