Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Richard Brilliant

I've been reading a book, Portraiture by Richard Brilliant, and found his ending sentence to be quite relevant to this project and wanted to share...

“Indeed, before long, one may expect that instead of an artist’s profile portrait the future will preserve only complete actuarial files, stored in some omniscient computer, ready to spew forth a different kind of personal profile, beginning with one’s Social Security number. Then, and only then, will portraiture as a distinctive genre of art disappear.”

It's kind of one of those heady books - required reading for a master's class in modern portraiture maybe. You pick it up, read a passage and pull one or two great sentences from it and think about what he's said in terms of what is happening right now in social media and the promotion of a visual self. If you are so inclined to pick something like this up, it may be worth you while.

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