Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Museum Week, July 1st through 6th

It happens this time every year. We try to save for vacation, but the savings usually gets depleted by "incidentals" before we've had a chance to take it. Such is the case this year and so this time, instead of resting on our laurels, I've decided to make the stay-cation a more productive one. From July 1st through July 6th, we will be visiting one museum a day for six days. New York is filled with local institutions that thrive on tourist dollars and endowments to sustain themselves. It's no surprise that most of them are suffering cut backs due to the current economic climate and so I've decided that our vacation will not just be about taking a break from work and watching fireworks in honor of our freedom, rather, it will be about supporting local arts institutions. Therefore, I dub July 1st through the 6th the unofficial "Museum Week".
We've lived here for three years and have never been able to dedicate the necessary amount of time to visit the Guggenheim, PS 1, NewMuseum, the Met, MOMA, Brooklyn Art Museum, the Whitney, the Rubin, American Folk Art Museum. So take out the ones I frequent (the Met, MOMA, Brooklyn Art Museum, Museum of Natural History) and you get a week chalk full of visual stimuli. Personally, I can think of nothing more patriotic during the week of the 4th than supporting such great American institutions.
Matt and I are going to put focus on spending time at each studying portraiture and I will be sending tweets and posting messages as we go along. Should be fun, and certainly feel free to join in at your locale. Time off or not, there are always lunch hours and after work to visit your local museum.
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  1. Excellent plan! I live in a small town in Pennsylvania but get down to Washington D.C. about twice a month for an art break. I haven't been to NY in over 10 years but I managed MOMA, the Met and the American Folk Art Museum when I was there. so from my perspective, your stay-cation sound fantastic.