Monday, August 24, 2009

Words on a Portrait - Sharon A

I am kind of cheating on this one. Sharon Arnold is the subject in "Sharon A". She is also an artist, curator, and all-around good kind of gal (or so we've gleaned after some back and forth emails and mutual "friends"). She threatened to write a post on her Dimensions Variable blog a while back and around the same time my google alert came through today telling me it was up, she sent Matt an email as well (yes - I am a total google nerd and have all sorts of google alerts set up for various things. I am like a google alert collector but we can talk about that another time).
Anyway, back to cheating. I love what she wrote and so instead of asking her to write something specific for this blog, I will link her page and quote her.
My favorite? ..." the New Portraiture. We're invited into the scene, the stories are curious, and the pictures are snapshots of real lives; often drafted by the subject themselves. We want to know more about them, most likely because we are like them. Rather than some lofty idealised representation of culturally enforced perfection, potraiture has become not only an exaggeration of the idea but also a Cinéma vérité, a hipster editorial, a perversion, a study in heightened banality, an idea of excess, a reflection of ourselves; or at it's best, a really fun study of people finding each other in a living web of connectivity."
You can read the rest of her post here.

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  1. Oh wow, thanks for the links Joelle!

    The most awesome part about this project is how it's opened doors to everyone, art world or not. How cool is that, to have brought all these people together?

    It was my pleasure to write the post - I've been meaning to for so long! Thanks for the vote of confidence. :)